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Sunflower oil is gradually conquering the world export markets – over the past 5 seasons, its world consumption increased by 30%. The world consumption in 2020/21 is estimated at 19 million tons. The main consumers of sunflower oil in the world


The agricultural production obtained in 2000 represented 15% of the production of the South Region. The cereal crop production obtained was 475.2 thousand tons (83.3% from the private sector), of which wheat and rye 365.3 thousand tons, grain

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The EU Open Data Portal provides, via a metadata catalogue, a single point of access to data of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies for anyone to reuse. Import prices – consumer durables The industrial import price index (IPI) measures the

Cross-Price Elasticities for Oils and Fats in the US and the EU

Table 2.Production, imports and exports of vegetable oils and animal fats in the US and the EU (from 1992 to 2016). Unit 1992-1999 2000-2008 2009-2016 Production Imports Exports Production Imports Exports Production Imports Exports US Soy oil


According to time series data of Food and Agricultural Organization <footnote 8> and Eurostat <footnote 9>, the volume of sunflower seed production in Ukraine increased from 3460 to 8670 thousand MT between 2000 and 2012, whereas

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Palm oil has already responded to the stable demand and prospects for uncertain production growth. Product stocks in Malaysia and Indonesia are down, pushing prices up. There is also progress in sunflower oil – prices are rising steadily.

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Global price of Sunflower Oil U.S. Dollars per Metric Ton, Not Seasonally Adjusted Monthly Jan 1990 to Feb 2021 (Mar 8) Quarterly Q1 1990 to Q4 2020 (Feb 8) Annual 1990 to 2020 (Feb 8

Scientific Papers Series Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development Vol. 19, Issue 4, 2019 PRINT ISSN 2284-7995, E-ISSN

The paper analyzed the EU-28 oil seeds sector in terms of cultivated area, production and yield for rape and turnip rape, sunflower and soybean, based on the data provided by Eurostat for the period 2008-2018. Growth rate, index method,

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Sunflower – Oil – Bosnia and Herzegovina Foreign Trade Exports FAO Imports FAO Agriculture Indicators Production FAO Agriculture Agricultural Products Oil 5 Boiled Virgin Alfalfa Animal Hair Animal Wool Bee products Beet Pulp Beverages

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These include rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, babassu oil, sal butter and illipé butter. Suppliers of natural ingredients in developing countries should focus on palm oil alternatives

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[P0000] Dry pulses and protein crops for the production of grain (including seed and mixtures of cereals and pulses) [C1120] Durum wheat [V3410] Eggplants [V2400] Endives [I6000] Energy crops n.e.c. [Q0000] Fallow land [I2000] Fibre crops

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Though Sudan the production of sunflower oil fluctuated substantially in recent years, it tended to increase through 1988 – 100tpd period ending at 30,000 tonnes in 2018. The description is composed by our digital data assistant.

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Optimisation of biodiesel production by sunflower oil transesterification Bioresour Technol 2002 83 111 114 10.1016/S0960-8524(01)00200-0 Google Scholar Crossref


place among Ukraine, Russia, Argentina and China (Eurostat 2019). The sunflower is basically used for the oil production, in EU amounting about 7.6 million tons of the crushed seed (Nazlin et al. 2017). The sunflower oil produced in Romania is

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These oil crops can be annual (rapeseed, sunflower, groundnut, soybean) or perennials (oil palms, coconut palms, physica nut, Chinese tallow tree). Oil from the rapeseed was the first type used for biodiesel production. Somewhat by chance, this

• Rape seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans: production area France 2020 | Statista

Eurostat. (February 18, 2021). Size of cultivated and harvested production area of rape seeds, sunflower seeds and soybeans in France from 2007 to 2020 (in 1,000 hectares) [Graph]. In


– production of electrical and thermal power, and gas and water; the region covers an important amount of the national demand. The railway network in use at the end of 2000 measured 1 699 km. With respect to the territory of the South Region,


Sources: Eurostat (until 1999) and SCEES/SSP s Changes to French production of rapeseed, sunflower and soybean since 1993 s Changes to French land sown to rapeseed, sunflower and soybean since 1993 CENTRE VAL-DE-LOIRE 327,701 BOURGOGNE

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1/1/2016 · Palm oil is the main constituent of edible oils, contributing to 30% of world oil and fat production in 2012 (Mielke, 2013); it is dark yellow and is denser than sunflower oil. Sunflower is a fast-growing crop and its oil is very rich in

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The sunflower is basically used for the oil production, in EU amounting about 7.6 million tons of the crushed seed (Nazlin et al. 2017). The sunflower oil produced in Romania is expected to increase slightly, reaching 0.338 million metric tons

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The total sunflower production increased after 1990, due the modification of cultivated surface, during the moderate yield average increasing rate (Table1). A growing of


Essential Oil Production (M. Tonnes) 15 Fennel 05 16 Geranium 10 Ginger 05 18 Jamrosa 05 19 Juniper Berry 10 20 K. Katchri 10 21 Lavender 02 22 Lemongrass 150 23 M.Arvensis 30,000 24 M.Citrata 05 25 M.Longifolia 04 26 M.Piperita 1,200

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(Illustration) In frozen fruit production, Serbia is in the second place in Europe just after Poland. In tobacco production and sunflower oil production Serbia also ranks high.As Makroekonomija portal reports, Serbia would bring into the EU more

The actual distribution of crops in Europe

sunflower (Helianthus annuus), oil flax (Linum usitatissimum), cotton seed (Gossypium) are used for oil production. Other oil seeds (poppy, mustard, sunflower, cotton, earth almond, sesame, groundnut, etc.) are merged together. Flax straw (),

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Greece | EUROSTAT Indicators [+] Agriculture Animal output: Production value at basic price Area under cultivation of Carrots Area under cultivation of Cucumbers Area under cultivation of Fresh vegetables (including melons) and strawberries

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1/1/2016 · Process flowsheet for scale-up of ASX extraction by means of methyl ester of sunflower oil According to the best knowledge of the authors, possible processes for concentration of carotenoids from oils are adsorption chromatography ( Baharin et

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» The FAO Vegetable Oil Price Index averaged 159.2 points in March, up 11.8 points (or 8.0 percent) from February and marking its highest level since June 2011. The persistent strength of the index was driven by higher values of palm, soy, rape

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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is dedicated to collecting, analysing, interpreting and disseminating food and agriculture statistics that are relevant for decision-making. Sound and timely statistics are key to inform decisions,


2001 –2006) defined vegetable oil “as rapeseed oil (canola), soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and palm oil, except in Japan where it excludes sunflower seed oil” [6].

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Total EU-27 oilseed production for marketing year (MY) 2013/14 is expected to reach 29.7 million metric tons (MMT), an increase of 8.6 percent. Increased production will come primarily through higher rapeseed acreage, especially in Germany, and

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1 1 Introduction Extending the previous in JEC WTT v4, the JEC-WTT report v5 contains many fuel categories: fossil derived fuels, biofuels from vegetable oil, ethers, hydrogen, etc. JEC-WTT dataset is made of 9 excel workbooks, structured per

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Source: Eurostat, Eurostat+BLE, Stimato CLAL Rolling year: for each month the chart visualizes the production in that month plus the production of the previous 11 months. With this method is always considered the total production in a time windo


oil in Europe 4. EU biodiesel production growth since 2009 has been based on imports and waste oils 5. Of all EU rapeseed oil, 60% is consumed in the biodiesel sector 6. Palm biodiesel is three times worse for the climate than fossil diesel 7.

Assessing lignocellulosic biomass production from crop residues in the European Union: Modelling, analysis of the current scenario and drivers of

Economic production (P) and harvested crop area (A) from 1998 to 2015 were collected from Eurostat –the statistical office of the European Union–, whose database provides sta-tistics in the European NUTS system (Nomenclature d'Unités P and A

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Production – Country-by-country information on agricultural production, including both current and historical data. Trade – EU imports and exports. Dashboards – Comprehensive information about each market sector, including the latest

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Structure of Crop Production in Slovakia and in Germany, 2016 43% 0% 2% 14% 7% 33% 1% 0% 0% 3% Slovakia Cereals for the production of grain Dry pulses and protein crops for the production of grain Potatoes Sugar beet Rape, turnip rape, sunflower

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28/2/2021 · sunflower planting seeds) which represented 10 percent annual growth over 100tpd (Source: Eurostat/TDM, BICO- Planting Seeds). In the first five months of 2020, imports kept expanding by 4 percent. Demand for U.S. planting confectionary and oil ..

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History Olive oil has long been a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, including ancient Greek and Roman cuisine.Wild olives, which originated in Asia Minor, were collected by Neolithic people as early as the 8th millennium BC.[citation

Improvements in the commodity price input used for the ECB's analysis of HICP food prices

over several decades. The data are self-reported by Member Stateson a weekly basis and are presented as monthly averages. They are not subject to any significant verification by DG-5 Barley, maize, rice, wheat, soya beans, sunflower seeds,

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Eurostat D7113) 17 15 13 14 – Hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7114) 0,9 0,9 0,9 0,9 – Extra hard cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7115) 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,5 – Fresh cheese ( Cod. Eurostat D7116) 15 16 14 16 2 Classification – Cheese from cows'milk (pure) (

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